Created May 09, 2014

ian donaldson

White Senior, ashamed of most other White Seniors more

Originally from Scotland, so a very blunt speaker, impatient with "smoke and mirrors" reading between the lines, and the utter Unchristian behavior of so many self-avowed "Christians" . Disgusted with the Greed permeating the upper strata. Surprised at the amount of blatant racism bubbling just under the surface, America is better than that, I KNOW! Hate ignorance, bigotry, zealotry, and cynical mis and dis-information spread by the rightwing noise machine, while it laughs all the way to the bank! Would welcome a woman President - even a benign Matriarchy, which would remove most threats of war. The most dangerous drug is Testosterone, which along with Religion, has been responsible for most of the misery and bloodshed over the centuries.


Shows PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton

People Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Reverend Al Sharpton

Issues Poverty, Immigration, Election 2016